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Solution of Aluminum Plastic Packaging Bag Product Problem

Or mixed modified film. The thickness of the thermal seal material is usually between 20 and 80 microns, and in particular, it is also between 100 and 200 microns. With the same heat seal data, the heat seal strength increases with the increase of heat seal thickness. The heat-sealing strength of cooking bags is usually 40 to 50 Newtons, so the thickness of heat-sealing materials should be 60 to 80 microns or greater. In order to achieve the goal of heat sealing strength, the necessary pressure is indispensable.

For light packaging bags, the heat sealing pressure should be at least 2kg/cm22, and the film should be increased with the increase of the total thickness of the composite material. If the heat seal pressure is insufficient, it is difficult to achieve real fusion between the two layers of film, and part of the heat seal is not good. It may be difficult to capture bubbles trapped in the center of the weld to form a virtual weld. Of course, the bigger the sealing pressure is, the better it is, the weld edge should not be damaged, because at higher heat sealing temperature, the heat sealing data of the weld edge is in a semi-melting state, and the pressure is too high to squeeze some heat sealing materials so that the weld edge is in a semi-closed state, the weld becomes brittle, and the heat sealing strength decreases. If the heat-sealed welded joints are not fully cooled,


High temperature resistant cooking food bags, aluminum foil tea coffee bags, anti-static observation of the evenness of composite bags. Electrically shielded electronic commodity bags, anti-ultraviolet daily necessities bags, self-supporting hook portable water bags, bone zipper file bags, milk soybean milk bags, etc. The former can be used at temperatures lower than 100 degrees C, while the latter can be used at temperatures higher than 100 degrees C for a period of time. Depending on the heat resistance of the film PET. Because the composite film is a multi-layer plastic film (or aluminum foil, etc.) bonded by adhesive, the manufacturing process of the composite bag manufacturer. So it enhances the inner data to a certain extent, which is equivalent to increasing the thickness of the inner data. If the composite film has low composite strength (or delamination), the increase will be lost.

The real reproduction of printing color inevitably involves mixing printing ink and ink printing. In theory, printing ink and surface printing ink are incompatible or citrus square is not good. If the printing ink is mixed with the surface printing ink, it will inevitably lead to poor ink adhesion and easy to stratify, especially heat seal. The weld seam is easy to be delaminated, which leads to the decrease of heat seal strength. Therefore, printing ink and surface printing ink should be used separately. 2. Aluminum-plastic composite bag (vacuum bag or aluminium foil bag) is a kind of packaging product with various packaging, low cost, exquisite printing; the product has antistatic, moisture-proof, oxygen-proof, black, oil-resistant, high temperature resistance, high moisture-proof, easy to seal. Aluminum-plastic composite bag printing features: high smoothness, bright printing color, can be matched with zippers, some grinding, gilding and other special processes.

Common planning, new printing technology, pattern planning and trademark functions can plan extraordinary trademarks or patterns, play an outstanding anti-counterfeiting role, and stand out on high-end, exotic shelves. Aluminum-plastic composite bag varieties: 1. According to the data structure, it can be divided into: pure aluminium bags, aluminium-plated bags (paper-containing aluminium composite bags) pure aluminium composite bags: opp/al./

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