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Manufacturers should meet those requirements when making packaging bags

Date of release:2019-05-23 Author:瑞茂 Click:

The emergence of plastic packaging bags has facilitated everyone. With the continuous expansion of the scope of use, packaging manufacturers believe that in the production of plastic packaging, at least to meet the following four aspects:

1. Good wear resistance, easy to use repeatedly. The exquisite design attracts customers'attention.

2. Good sealability, different packages of goods, for the degree of sealability also has different requirements. However, in general, the products that need to be sealed are fearful of dampness and mildew. Therefore, the sealing performance of plastic packaging bags is generally higher in most industries.

3. Good practicability. In designing and manufacturing packaging bags, packaging manufacturers remind customers to take full account of the specific ways they use, such as the use environment, commodity performance, transport mode, storage environment, etc. In addition, they also need to consider whether food packaging is harmless to human health.

4. Good preservation, according to different users and different commodity conditions, choose appropriate materials and reasonable proportions, design and manufacture packaging bags suitable for different industries. For example, some plastic products are afraid of long-term direct sunlight, which has a negative impact on the preservation of products. The industry can improve and develop in this regard.


In today's commodity economy era, if you want or wait for more consumers to love and win more markets, the customization of plastic packaging bags outside commodities needs more attention. Therefore, when designing packaging, the main thing is to accurately catch the public's attention. In addition, in the process of industry development, the following three issues can not be ignored:

1. Sustainable development is not only a slogan advocated by the state, but also a guideline followed by every production industry. With the increasing awareness of environmental protection, green plastic packaging bags will be more market-oriented. Only plastic guarantee bags made of biodegradable and renewable materials can win the recognition and favor of customers.

2. Customized packaging which is carefully designed and reusable represents the company's brand image. Personalized plastic packaging bags can not only highlight the distinctiveness of products, but also attract customers'interest in products, and have obvious effect on emphasizing the unique characteristics of brands.

3. Nowadays most of the people advocate a kind of life concept of minimalism. To incorporate this concept into packaging design is to emphasize that customers can provide the information they need at a glance, without the need for superfluous words and pictures. It is also an effective way to attract consumers'attention to use text sparingly and leave enough blanks.

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