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Packaging bags manufacturers won the psychological support of consumers and also won the market.

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The joint parts of color printing bags, paper-plastic composite bags and other packaging bags are generally in the side, such as the middle seam joint, the joint part is in the middle part of the bag body, so the joint effect is beautiful. When woven bags and paper-plastic composite bags are loaded with materials, the bag body is smooth and the surrounding of the bag is smooth. Generally, the edge seam joints, for example, are 50 cm wide. The joints are on the left and right sides.

In the middle seam joint, the packaging bag is 100-110 cm wide when handed over and processed, and the joint parts overlap 3-5 cm, and it is in the center of the bag body. The principle of the middle seam is to cover the melted polyethylene film on both sides of the joint at high temperature, and then make the joint position firm by hot pressing. Rui Mao specializes in producing medium-seam bags of various materials. According to the material, medium-seam bags include color printing woven bags, paper-plastic composite bags, non-woven color printing bags, etc. Like the middle seam of paper-plastic composite bags, printing and middle seam are done at the same time, while the color printing woven bags and non-woven color printing bags are done after the color printing and then do the middle seam joint.

With the changing market, packaging bag manufacturers should have a keen insight and grasp the transmission of fashion information in order to keep pace with the changing market. Color printing bags are not only the timely disseminator of commercial information, but also the companion of consumers. Of course, they should be the spokesperson of fashion culture. Although many packaging bags are designed to serve the brand and convey the spirit of enterprise, their design methods also need to conform to the aesthetic trend in order to win the favor of consumers.



The competition of the market drives the competition of advertisement, and the competition of advertisement is actually the competition of advertisement strategy. Fashionable visual expression is often a sharp weapon for advertisement planners to compete. Packing bags is regarded as an important part of advertisement. Grasping the concept of fashion information and creating a brand new visual image will be loved by consumers. Winning the psychological support of consumers will win the market.

The prominent feature of color printing packaging bags is the use of various patterns, because of the use of such patterns, and add a lot of packaging effect to the packaging bags, such as the packaging of commodity image.

Three-dimensional pattern has a desirable pattern effect, which is used in food packaging and has a good publicity effect on food. This kind of propaganda can promote the sale of food and make it recognized by consumers.

For example, in milk packaging, packaging bag manufacturers make a three-dimensional pasture pattern on the packaging box, green grass, as well as cows, people will think that the box is clean, clean, and will not have trinitrile amine.

The application of color printing bags to stereo pattern improves their packaging ability and opens up the way of marketing.

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