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Packaging Bag Manufacturers Explain the Component Elements of Packaging Design

Date of release:2019-06-28 Author:瑞茂 Click:

 Packaging design refers to the design of container structure and packaging decoration for packaging commodities by choosing appropriate packaging materials and using ingenious technological means. From this we can see three elements of packaging design.

The shape factor is the shape of the display surface of commodity packaging, including the size, size and shape of the display surface. There are three kinds of forms we can see in our daily life: natural form, artificial form and accidental form. But when we study the form of products, we must find a form suitable for any nature, that is, to pull out the common regularity and call it abstract form.

We know that the formation of form is the element of form, or called the element of form, which is a variety of ever-changing forms formed by certain methods and rules. Form is composed of points, lines, surfaces and bodies. The main forms of packaging are: cylindrical, cuboid, conical and various shapes, as well as the combination of related shapes and the novelty of various forms of packaging formed by different cutting plays a very important role in the visual guidance of consumers. The peculiar visual form can leave a deep impression on consumers. Packaging bags manufacturers must be familiar with the characteristics of the form elements themselves and their expressions, and take this as the material of beauty in form.

When we consider the exterior elements of packaging design, we must also understand it from the perspective of the law of formal beauty. According to the rules of formal beauty in packaging design and the characteristics of product functions, various factors are combined organically and naturally in order to achieve a perfect and unified design image.



The merchandise of color printing packaging itself is becoming more and more obvious. It has become a special product which is no longer dependent on the production of commodities, and a product which can not be separated from all commodities and is widely used.

Chinese scientists have developed an environmentally friendly plastic bag made of electrolyte, which can not only be decomposed harmlessly, but also be soluble in water.

According to scientists, it takes hundreds of years for products made from common polymer plastic materials in the life of packaging bag manufacturers to be completely decomposed and will exist on the earth for hundreds of years. According to the actual figures, 80% of the plastic bags after use are eventually transported to the garbage dump area for disposal, just 7% of the plastic is recycled.

This new environment-friendly plastic bag will not release harmful substances during the decomposition process, and can even be decomposed into natural substances favored by insects, which has greatly helped to protect the natural environment.

In the packaging printing ink system, the binder is colorless or with a slight color liquid, refractive index and water are very close, so the binder has a certain degree of transparency. When adding pigments and fillers, because pigments and/or pigments block the light, resulting in changes in the optical properties of the ink.

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