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The recycled white waste is not easy to dispose of. At present, the main treatment methods are incineration and landfill. If it is incinerated, it will produce a lot of toxic smoke, pollute the atmosphere and promote the formation of acid rain. As for landfill, it will be buried for 100 years, which is still in the original state, can not be absorbed by nature, and has great harm to the land, change its acidity and alkalinity, and affect farming. Absorbing nutrients and water leads to agricultural production reduction. As for plastic products abandoned in water or on land, it not only affects the environment, but also causes death if they are passively swallowed.

Because plastic bags are mostly made of non-renewable degradable materials, the treatment of these white garbage can only be excavated and landfilled or incinerated at high temperature. But these two methods are not conducive to environmental protection. According to scientists'tests, it takes more than 200 years for packaging bags to decay in the ground and seriously pollute the soil. The harmful fumes and gases produced by incineration will also cause pollution to the atmospheric environment. Since then, the fate of packaging bags has changed greatly.

The main components of the bag are polyethylene (PE), polyvinyl chloride (PV), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene resin (PS). And the harm caused by it is not easy to recycle, because the cost of recycling is high, but the utilization rate is low, the business can be said to be unprofitable, and because its recycling price is very low, it is difficult to attract the general public to carry out the "white recycling" work. As a result, it is not easy to recycle; it is difficult to degrade.

This will destroy the ecological balance; high temperature will decompose toxic substances, plastic products are non-toxic substances, but because its recycling equipment is not perfect, the process is simple, and many packaging bags manufacturers do not have legal business licenses, resulting in the reproduction of plastic products at 65 degrees C, toxic substances will be analyzed. Exudation and infiltration into food can cause harm to liver, kidney, reproductive system and central nervous system.



The differences between the materials of plastic bags commonly used by packaging manufacturers are as follows:

PE plastic bags:

The body is soft, transparent and other materials are not high, relatively Mongolian, good pulling force, not easy to burst. Dongguan plastic bag

PP plastic bag material:

The body is hard, transparent and clear, the pulling force is not very good, and it is easy to burst.

PO Bag Material:

The figure is brittle, transparency is not high enough, a little transparent white, general tension.

OPP Bag Material:

Brittle figure, high transparency, insufficient tension, easy to burst, and easy to decolor printing. Dongguan plastic bag

PVC plastic bags:

The body is soft and hard, which can be ordered according to the requirements. Transparency can also be ordered according to the requirements, because there are three kinds of ultra-transparent materials, ordinary materials and abrasives. Good pulling force, not easy to tear, not easy to burst, because between the two layers of material is machine beer together.

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